That's what we know about the next Toyota Prius

The current fourth generation Toyota Prius is getting older. The Japanese hybrid car was introduced in 2015 and is in dire need of major renovation despite the number of updates and special versions we see each year.

If you are among those waiting for a new version of prius, a report from Japan indicates that it will arrive early next year, specifically by December 2022. It is expected to bring in the current 1.8 engine, as well as an electric motor, or hydrogen-powered burn engine later in 2025.

If this sounds familiar, the rumor is already in line with the previous report released earlier this month, which is then linked to what Toyota offered in April with a Corolla with a hydrogen-powered combustion engine.

According to Toyota, the new setup emits nearly zero carbon dioxide and some nitrogen oxide. This information from Toyota has not been confirmed at this stage about the new Prius, and everything that is circulating is rumors, so let's also wait for official announcements.