Tesla's Massive Week: CyberTrak's $1 Trillion Market Value

A busy week for electric car company Tesla after its market value reached $1 trillion and the announcement of the Model 3 best-selling car in Europe and the surprise of the CyberTrack off-road car.

Tesla's shares rose, pushing the automaker's value above $1 trillion for the first time. Barely four months after bankruptcy, Hertz Global Holdings Inc. filed for 100,000 Tesla cars in the first step of its plan to own a fleet of electric rental cars.

The leasing company said in a statement that the cars will be delivered over the next 14 months, and Tesla's Model 3 sedans will be available for rental at Hertz locations in major U.S. markets and parts of Europe starting in early November. This is the largest purchase ever of electric cars, representing about $4.2 billion in revenue for Tesla.

This is a huge survival for Tesla, which puts it in an elite group of companies that also include Google, Amazon and Facebook, although it remains in the shadow of Apple and Microsoft, which have a market value of more than $2 trillion.

The Tesla Model 3 became the first all-electric best-selling car in Europe, according to JATO Dynamics' list of the best-selling cars in Europe in September, on a monthly basis, and Tesla delivery varies significantly on a monthly basis. 

In the fourth quarter, Tesla introduced a record number of vehicles, approaching 250,000, and Tesla's strong performance in all major markets set a new record.

At the same time, in a minute-long suspense video filmed by a user in a Tesla showroom, CyberTrack is seen driving off-road, drifting across fields and drifting through Tesla's unfinished Texas plant in a dramatic way.

Interestingly, Bansa, who took the glimpse at tesla's showroom, suggests that the video is not a leak, but a suspense video that the company has not yet shared through its own social channels.