Mercedes-Maybach EQS Concept Electric Car

Mercedes-Maybach's EQS Concept offers a glimpse of the first fully electric car to enter the luxury car company's production line. The experimental SUV relies on engineering standards adopted by Mercedes-Benz large electric luxury cars and elevates the elements of Maybach's exclusive designs to an emission-free future. Mercedes has unveiled EQS with 3 new cars at the Munich Show that have been well received by the public.

One-way designs can tell that EQS Concept is a Mercedes-Maybach and Mercedes-EQ. This car offers a glimpse of the first all-electric SUV in the luxury car category.

The car relies on standard engineering standards for electric cars, and each part of its design follows the concept of "practical design". Dynamic design principles dominate the entire vehicle, from the low front end, flowing smoothly over the slanted A prop and roof line to the edge of the rear wing. This design clearly indicates a transition to the new technical age.

The EQS cabin is of the highest elegance, just like the exterior design, and is designed almost entirely using VIRTUAL REALITY technologies. The cabin-like character of the cabin highlights the highest levels of luxury. The front seats in the car are similar to those of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class.

The luxurious two-seater rear seats, also inspired by the S-Class, as well as the state-of-the-art Rear Seat Entertainment System, ensure the highest levels of comfort. These rear seats feature a large legrest space thanks to the dimensions of the SUV that allow for increased seat height, making the passenger's foot float over the floor brushes made of "industrial fur".

The central console looks floating in the air like a bar stretching from the cockpit to the rear seats, giving the impression of spaciousness and elegance while providing freedom of movement. This impression is also reinforced by the advantages of direct and indirect peripheral lighting, with the interiors looking light and suspended in the air.

The accessory vase, which comes as a basic preparation, lets you add the seasonal flowers you love and add a natural touch to the cabin. Below, there is a large storage area suitable for special tools or equipment such as folding tables, a box of juice cups or a refrigerator.

Standard architecture standards

The EQS is based on engineering standards adopted by Mercedes-Benz large electric luxury cars. Another all-electric car based on this engineering basis, the EQS SUV, which will enter the production line in 2022, is also scheduled to be introduced even before the Maybach.

The electric motion system ensures exceptionally smooth and quiet operation and provides a new level of tranquility and relaxation in the cabin. The EQS SUV is planned to be able to travel up to 590 kilometres before it needs to be recharged, according to the Global Standard Light Vehicle Test (WLTP).