Electric cars are more dangerous than normal when colliding?

The number of electric cars on the terminals is increasing as people look for ways to be kinder to the environment. According to the IIHS Highway Safety Insurance Institute, the electric car is also safer for those in an accident. For anyone considering buying an electric car, there is growing evidence that it is safer than conventionally powered cars, a series of official tests have shown.

The Institute conducted a range of tests including roof strength, collision avoidance, front collision protection and front impacts on the chassis, and the performance of electric vehicles was excellent. The Institute found that electric cars were safe and 40 per cent less damaged than similar gasoline-powered vehicles. The likely reason, according to the Institute, is that electric cars weigh much more than regular cars because of the extra weight that comes from batteries. If you are in a heavier vehicle, you often have less power on your body in the event of a collision and are less likely to be injured.

Some consumers are concerned about the risk of electric car batteries exploding during a collision. IIHS said this is not a concern, but there are concerns about power in batteries during rescue attempts. So some precautions emergency responders should take in terms of making sure there is no discharge from the battery that may injure them or the passenger they are trying to get out of the car. The Institute helped accident responders learn how to deal with electric car accidents.