BMW electric car eco-friendly

BMW unveiled a new model car with a vision for the future named i Vision Circular Concept at this year's Munich Motor Show.

This four-seater, all-electric car features a compact circular shape with a great focus on sustainability and well-being. Through this future car, the Bavarian company aims to use 100 percent recycled materials and achieve equal recycling potential.

To truly reduce the environmental impact of the car, automakers need to do more than just get rid of exhaust pipes and rely on electrical systems, so the built-in i Vision Circular Concept relies on the idea of a "circular economy," where materials are constantly reused rather than disposed of at the end of the product's life. To that end, the car is made of approximately 100% recycled materials, and itself is also 100% recyclable, BMM said. W.

It all starts with the engine range, where no rare ground metals have been used, and the battery pack consists of solid cells made from materials that are almost entirely sourced from recycled materials. BMW said it has also relied on 3D printing for many internal components, helping to reduce waste. This whole process produces fewer scrap materials, and anything that has not been used can be returned to the production cycle as raw materials.

The typical i Vision Circular is not for production, but the manufacturer tests recycled and sustainable materials. In the lead-up to the unveiling of this car, BMW reported that it had entered into a partnership with both BASF and ALBA Group on the use of recycled plastic in cars.

Some of the ideas from the i Vision Circular will be introduced into next-generation BMW cars, called Neue Klasse (meaning "New Class"), which is scheduled to begin arriving around 2025, and BMW aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030.